Ranked gaming is what makes a MOBA title exciting, and this is exactly what players love in “Overwatch.” There is that certain kind of feeling when one is able to reach the highest peak of the rankings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with solo players.

Unlike playing as a group, solo players have to do their best to synchronize attacks and skills with complete strangers in “Overwatch.” More often than not, this synchronization does not even happen. To anyone struggling as a solo player in Competitive Play, check out the tips below:

Understand the team’s comp

There are instances when players always go with their go-to characters.

These are basically their mains, the heroes they are comfortable playing with. However, this is one of the root causes why a soloing player ends up at the lowest ranking tier. He does not work well with the team’s overall comp.

For instance, there are already two DPS “Overwatch” characters; therefore, the next picks must be either a tank or support. Sometimes, soloing players go against the flow and pick heroes that do not match the team’s comp. This leads to the team’s incapability of advancing, as there is no proper balance of heroes within the composition.

Protect the supports

Most players neglect the significance of support characters in “Overwatch.” As a solo player, make sure that the support heroes such as Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy are well-covered from the attacks of the opposing team.

After all, they are important players in the battlefield, as they keep the advancing allies alive.

So, as much as possible, make it a goal to check the support characters from time to time in “Overwatch.” They do not necessarily need to be bodyguards, but instead, they can provide cover whenever the supports heal or boost teammates.

Do this and expect the team to advance without sweating.

Be aggressive and smart

Being aggressive in “Overwatch” is good, but it can be better if played smartly. If playing a dive comp hero (highly mobile characters), be sure to be aggressive on the battlefield. Go in and out of the enemy lines or flank the opposing team’s support characters.

But of course, make sure that there is a healer around to keep that health up.

The beauty of being a smart and aggressive player in “Overwatch” is the element of surprise it offers. It takes the opposing team’s defense strategy away, as they have to scatter and go after the advancing opponent. This eventually leads to their covers being open, and their support characters can be eliminated.