The first-year anniversary event is now live in “Pokemon GO,” but it seems players are not entirely satisfied. Not because the event is not that compelling (though it could have been made better), but perhaps because fans are lookingfor more. Basically, players were hoping to see the highly anticipated Legendary pocket monsters.

A few months back, Niantic revealed that Legendary creatures will soon arrive to “Pokemon GOsometime this summer. The studio, however, did not follow-up with the initial announcement, thus players were left in limbo. Now that the biggest event (big because it is for the game’s first birthday) is here, perhaps it is time for the studio to clarify the status quo of these special monsters.

Why raids are by far the biggest clue

Just when players thought the mobile game could not get any better, the studio introduced Raid Battles. This feature lets players work alongside other players in order to defeat raid bosses. Once successful, the game rewards them with some interesting stuff. This particular feature gave the title a genuine multiplayer, something that fans have been hoping to see since day one, as reported by Mashable.

Interestingly, the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” feature is actually the biggest hint to the upcoming Legendary creatures. Remember: these special beasts are extremely powerful and thus adding them to the general Pokemon will not make sense. Instead, it would be best to have them as raid bosses where players fight as a team and work them.

This is by far the perfect avenue where Niantic can install the Legendary pocket monsters.

The clue does not stop there

Rumor has it that a tier 5 would soon exist in “Pokemon GO” raids. Basically, right now, there are only four tier levels, and each of them represent a certain type of difficulty. The higher the level is, the stronger the boss is.

Interestingly, a tier 5 raid is exactly where Legendary creatures can be placed. This would work as the final and most compelling raid in the game and, of course, a more compelling set of rewards would be offered. This is definitely something that players should look forward to.

Nonetheless, until Niantic officially confirms it, this speculation would remain as it is.

Hence it is best for “Pokemon GO” players to take it with a grain of salt. Apparently, these rumors and/or theories make sense, considering the fact that Legendaries are indeed powerful. Making them work as final boss monsters seems to be the right direction to take.