Injustice 2” is about to get its newest fighter in the roster: Sub-Zero. The “Mortal Kombat” veteran is among the three characters from the game’s “Fighter Pack 1” DLC and is second in the lineup (with Red Hood being first and Starfire being last). Now that his impending release is confirmed, it is interesting to see how well he does with other characters when it comes to fighting.

According to ComicBook, NetherRealm Studios’ very own creative director named Ed Boon talked about Sub-Zero and the character’s arrival in “Injustice 2.” It is worth noting that in the first game, it was Scorpion who invaded the series’ universe.

This time around, it is the Cyromancer’s chance to prove himself.

Batman vs. Sub-Zero

It might be obvious that Sub-Zero is a notch higher than Batman considering his ice skills and superhuman capabilities. The Dark Knight, on the other hand, relies purely on fists, kicks and, well, wits. Nonetheless, Gotham’s hero has proven himself to be a formidable force, someone who has a few tricks to offer. Since he is Batman, there is no way of knowing who wins the fight not until an actual fight happens.

However, Boon argued that, in one way or another, Sub-Zero will always have the upper-hand against Batman in “Injustice 2.” He did not exactly explain why and how the Cyromancer will win, but he is sure with his "answer.” After all, Boon is the father of the titular “Mortal Kombat” series and Sub-Zero is like a son or something to hm.

Clearly, he has some bias points to give out. This is similar with DC representatives who will obviously pick the Cape Crusader.

Sub-Zero and his inclusion

Sub-Zero is the second character to arrive from the aforementioned “Injustice 2” pack, with Red Hood being the first. This is not really the first incarnation he would have in fighting games as evident in other titles in the industry.

However, Boon assured the fans that his inclusion is the unique one. He even thinks that his incarnation in the sequel is unlike any other. Truthfully, Sub-Zero will arrive with a different appearance, donning a theme symbolic of his icing capabilities.

More importantly, the new character will offer some new sets of skills in the game.

He has a new kind of cloning ability that makes use of his elemental skill and, more importantly, a newly revamped teleportation technique. Boon did not go into detail with these moves, but he said that these should make every fan excited.