Pokemon GO” became one of the hottest mobile games last year, with millions of players playing from around the world. However, its popularity gradually plummeted, as players resort to GPS spoofing and cheating, among others. The gameplay experience was just never the same, leading to fans exiting the game later on.

Niantic vowed to battle these “Pokemon GO” exploiters by improving their anti-cheat system. They later banned players who used third-party software, as this was deemed a direct violation to the game’s Terms of Service. Now, the studio is once again on the roll, targeting cheaters with a new move.

The red slashes

According to ComicBook, several players reported about some sort of red slashes they received across the pocket monsters they captured. It turned out that the method they used to catch these Pokemon was a direct violation to the game’s rules and guidelines. Apparently, more and more players have surfaced, all suggesting that red slashes also appeared on their accounts. This, in one way or another, could mean a certain kind of wave ban from the studio.

Many believe that the “Pokemon GO” players who acquired these red slashes either used a GPS spoofing program or any other third-party software. Of course, they used these to exploit their way to capturing these pocket monsters. The slashes does not only put cheaters into shame, the Pokemon themselves will not also behave the way they should be.

What happen to Pokemon with red slashes

Players noticed that “Pokemon GO” creatures with red slashes acted differently. Well, that is because Niantic did it on purpose. Basically, when Pokemon have red slashes on them, their ability to interact in gyms accordingly will not work. Players will not even be able to assign them to a gym to either attack or defend.

In addition, candies will not work with slashed beasts, so they will just sit there as a reminder. When this was first introduced, the workaround was to evolve the Pokemon and the slashes should be removed. Unfortunately, this does not work anymore.

So far, the reception of the new wave ban from Niantic has been well-received in the “Pokemon GO” community.

Many loved the move from the studio, as they believe it is only right for cheaters to be disciplined. The company iterated that they will further improve their anti-cheat system to cover more and more cheaters and/or spoofers. The latest one, in particular, is proof to that.