One of the best things that Blizzard brought to “Overwatch” is "Capture the Flag." It is basically a game within the title’s Arcade mode but was removed by the studio so as to make room for a new one. Fortunately, the developers of the hit shooter game will be bringing it back.

Dot Esports reported that “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan made the announcement, saying that the Arcade game will “soon” return. There is no specific date yet, but it is confirmed to arrive. When it was removed, players took to forums and social media sites to air their frustrations.

They believe that what the studio did was a huge mistake, considering the fun and excitement it brought.

What 'Overwatch' players are saying about it

It holds true that there are players who actually hate "Capture the Flag". Perhaps they just do not like its concept and thus were not worried about its removal. However, a good chunk of the community believes that it should rightfully be there. The casual fun it offers is just off the charts, so to speak.

Deemed as a necessary move, Blizzard went on to replace it with a brand new Arcade game in “Overwatch.” But just recently, Kaplan iterated that they will reintroduce it in the next few weeks or so.The studio is doing a couple of improvements to make its gameplay even better.

The adjustments, however, are still under experiment; so Kaplan and his team cannot provide any specific details. He assured fans that, in one way or another, its return will make a huge impact to the overall gameplay experience.

What made 'Capture the Flag' unlikeable

The main issue “Overwatch” players have with "Capture the Flag" is the struggle of both sides to obtain the flag.

Basically, most of them resort to playing defense, installing defense mechanisms such as turrets. As a result, neither of the team have a good chance at capturing the flag. If they are to, they are very likely to acquire huge damage. This made the experience a bit loathsome, but Blizzard promised to reinvent it in one way or another.

Kaplan added that one of their team’s mission with the aforementioned “Overwatch” game mode is to tweak it in a way that team balance will be present. As yet the studio has no definite timeline for "Capture the Flag." It could be a while before players once again experience it in-game. Given the video game company's passion for the game, they will indeed make the necessary changes to promote balance between heroes and gameplay experience.