Destiny 2” is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated sequels of recent memory. Although developer Bungie has kept the good stuff under wraps, they never fail in revealing interesting details about the game. Now, to the surprise of the fans, the upcoming game’s beta phase has been scheduled.

According to the official Facebook page of “Destiny 2,” players who pre-ordered the sequel will gain early access to its beta, along with PlayStation 4 users. Xbox One players, on the other hand, will be able to join the beta testing the following day. As for PC users, the studio has not released any date yet.

The beta testing phase

Players on Sony’s PlayStation 4 may start beta testing come Tuesday, July 18 at 10 AM PT, and they will have the whole day for that to check out the beta phase of the game. As for those Xbox One users, Bungie will allow them to join the following day, which is Wednesday, July 19, same time. However, to those who pre-ordered the sequel’s PC version, there is no definite date for the beta testing yet. The studio, though, did promise to give them early access prior to the official release of the game.

Beta testing “Destiny 2” is a huge step for the community as a whole, as it allows them to experience the game prior to its official release. Since it is beta, they can expect Bungie to activate several features of the sequel only.

After all, this is the main goal of the testing phase: to give players the chance to experience the title beforehand.

Revamped Clan System

There are various new features and in-game mechanics that Bungie promised to arrive at “Destiny 2,” but perhaps the most interesting one is the newly revamped Clan System. In the original game, it is called Groups.

They basically work as a sort of Guild system, which is present in other titles of the same genre. However, in the forthcoming follow-up title, Groups will be called Clans. There will still be a cap of 100 members, but new features and/or abilities will be added. For instance, a group of five Clan members can acquire a sixth member from outside in order to meet the required members for Raid.

Bungie explained that these will be called Guided Games, which works similarly to a matchmaking system in “Destiny 2.” The only catch, though, is that this feature can only be used on high-level contents such as Raids and Nightfall Strikes. Moreover, Clan members may also invite others from inside the game to join the raids.