Yesterday saw the big reveal of Doomfist, the highly anticipated hero in “Overwatch.” While some fans were excited about trying the character on PTR, most were disappointed knowing that it was not Terry Crews who voiced the new hero. This is obviously a huge bummer, considering the campaign from both the community and Crews.

Blizzard eventually confirmed veteran actor Sahr Ngaujah to be the voice actor of Doomfist in “Overwatch.” He being Nigerian perhaps caught the studio’s eyes, as the hero himself is of the same descent. Crews, on the other hand, took to Twitter to showcase his appreciation and gratefulness.

Terry Crews finally speaks

According to GameRant, the tweet from Crews clearly shows that he has no enmity or whatsoever towards Blizzard for not casting him as the new hero. He went to say how he “will always love” the game and the development team involved. To further prove his statements, he went to point how “incredible” the new character is.

“I’m happy to have had all the fans consideration,” the last line from tweet reads. Still, it cannot be denied that a huge chunk of the “Overwatch” community is disappointed with Blizzard’s decision.

They have always thought of Crews to be the voice actor behind Doomfist, most especially with his recent visit to the studio. It appears that Crews was there to mainly audition for the role rather than don the character.

History of Crews’ interest towards the hero

Crews gradually captured the attention of the video game community after playing “Battlefield 1” in a certain game expo.

He later on decided to build his own rig and even posted videos of him assembling the PC. In one way or another, the community started talking about Crews being a perfect voice actor for certain hero in “Overwatch.” It was later on revealed to be Doomfist, though Blizzard kept its mouth shut. The actor, on the other hand, showed interest in being the voice behind the highly anticipated hero.

This hype grew even bigger when he visited Blizzard and took a picture of him standing on a wall with the name of the game “Overwatch” on it. This was when players started campaigning for the role, pitching the idea to the official forum site of the game. As a matter of fact, wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said that Crews would really be perfect for the role. Sadly, the studio revealed they were opting not to use the famous voice and chose a different voice actor for the new hero.