This year, sega is giving us two new "Sonic" titles and two new "Yakuza" titles. While the "Yakuza" series hasn't quite worn out its welcome yet, very few gamers would dispute that the once beloved "Sonic" series could benefit from a little break or even retirement. Not only that, but former Sega franchises such as "ToeJam and Earl" and "Shenmue" are making a comeback. It seems now is the perfect time to talk about the other Sega franchises that should come back.

5. "Mr. Bones"

An obscure gem exclusive to the Saturn, very few have played or even heard of "Mr.

Bones." The game put players in control of a resurrected skeleton who utilized the power of the blues to defeat the evil forces of a vampire and his skeletal army. Part platformer, part rhythm game, part puzzler, and etc, the game's sheer variety ensured you were never doing the same thing for too long. Guitarist Ronnie Montrose composed the game's soundtrack which featured a healthy mix of rock, blues, and Americana roots. Despite good reviews, the game sold poorly and has yet to be re-released or followed up in any way, shape, or form. No bones about it, "Mr. Bones'" creativity and humor would make it a welcome addition to digital download services such as Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN.

4. "Nights into Dreams..."

Taking players on a wild ride through dreams and nightmares, "Nights Into Dreams," was an imaginative and unique game that defied classification. Other than its Wii follow up, "Journey of Dreams," there really is no other game like it. Each game centers around two children (a boy and a girl) who struggle with everyday problems such as stage fright or absentee parents.

A mischievous androgynous jester named Nights helps these children conquer their fears in their dreams while facing off against the evil Wizeman and his legion of nightmares. As Nights, players flew through a 2.5D world collecting orbs and performing tricks. Sonic Team has diligently churned out an abundance of downright awful "Sonic" titles, but "Nights" has only had two installments.

Surely, the premise of exploring dreams could lend itself to further entries.

3. "Jet Set Radio"

Although the series shows its age in some respects, the anarchic skater spirit, cel shaded art style, and electrifying soundtrack still stand the test of time. Somewhere in Asia is a city called Tokyo-To, where skating gangs fight an oppressive regime with music and graffiti. Reporting this struggle is a pirate radio station named "Jet Set Radio," headed by the funky DJ Professor. K. Players take on the role of one of the members of a gang called The GGs as they skate around specific districts of Tokyo-To and spray graffiti in designated areas while avoiding the police force that chases and shoots them.

Other objectives involve racing rival gangs or recruiting new members by winning Simon Says skating challenges. The first game was re-released in HD to digital distribution services, but the not the sequel. Furthermore, Kuju Entertainment pitched a sequel on the Wii, but the project was scrapped.

2. "Skies of Arcadia"

While Vyse and his pirate crew have re-appeared in "Valkyria Chronicles" and "Sonic All Stars Racing," it's been far too long since they've sailed the skies in their Dreamcast debut. "Skies of Arcadia" took players on a fantastical journey to stop an evil empire from awakening an ancient weapon and save the world. The gameplay was very reminiscent of classic JRPGs such as "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest," but a major emphasis on exploration helped the game stand out and receive critical acclaim.

There was a sequel planned, but it was scrapped before production had started. With today's hardware, the possibilities of a follow up spark the imagination. Traveling around the skies in an airship and looking for secrets just begging to be uncovered would be awesome on a contemporary platform.

1. "Panzer Dragoon"

In a world unlike anything any other, mysticism and technology clash while Dragons roam the skies. After the fall of an advanced civilization, resources are scarce and an empire oppresses the weak while trying to harness the weapons of the ancients for domination over the land. In this series, players take on the role of various humans and the dragons they discover as they fight for survival in a world that blends the fantasy, steampunk, and post-apocalypse genres.

Three of the games were on rails flight shooters reminiscent of titles such as "Star Fox," while one of them was a unique take on RPGs.

The series has never been re-released on any digital distribution service, but the first game was bundled with the final installment, "Panzer Dragoon Orta" for the original Xbox. Additionally, "Panzer Dragoon Saga," is a game that's as rare as it is beloved with copies of the game being sold at huge prices on eBay. Sadly, since Sega has lost the original source code, its unlikely that "Saga" will ever be re-released. However, a follow up or remake would be most welcome.