Many thought that 'Pokemon GO' will not undergo an anniversary event, which would have been a huge bummer considering it's the game's first birthday. Fortunately, it did happen and players are now enjoying all the good stuff from the event. So far, the reception has been impressive, though the community expected more from it.

To celebrate the first anniversary of 'Pokemon GO', Niantic introduced a couple of new and exciting stuff. For instance, there is a special kind of Pikachu and, more importantly, there is an Anniversary Box. To the interested players, here are three things they need to know about the ongoing event.

The event's entire schedule

The studio launched the aforementioned event on Thursday, July 6 at around 1 PM PDT. Its arrival, albeit surprising, was on a short notice, as the studio announced it on the same day. Well, it is not really the first time, as it also happened with the Water Festival earlier this year.

The 'Pokemon GO' anniversary event is expected to run until July 24, still at 1 PM PDT. Niantic did not reveal, however, if more interesting additions can be expected within the duration of the game. Although this seems unofficial, most players believe it should happen.

A new Pikachu

Previously, Niantic announced that a rare Pikachu will soon arrive in 'Pokemon GO'. Fast forward today, it is actually a special variety of the Pokemon, only that it is wearing Ash Ketchum's trademark hat from the popular animated series.

The developer did not detail if the special Pikachu has some special moves or whatsoever, but they did announce that it is already out in the wilds.

Like any other special Pikachus (the recent one being from the Water Festival), the one in the current 'Pokemon GO' event can be owned permanently. It will not disappear even if the first-year anniversary event ends.

Players just need to capture it. Plain and simple.

An Anniversary Box

This is perhaps the most interesting and packed addition in the ongoing 'Pokemon GO' event. It is called the Anniversary Box and contains a lot of interesting items, which are 6 Incubators, 6 Max Revives, 20 Ultra Balls and 2 Raid Passes. Apparently, it is purchasable via the in-game store for $9.99 (real-time money).

There are also discounts when buying the box in bulk, though the price difference is not really that huge.

Clearly, players are satisfied with the current 'Pokemon GO' event, though they obviously expected more. But since its duration is almost a month, Niantic might just drop some exciting stuff later on.