Earlier this week, Niantic introduced the newest event in “Pokemon GO” called the Solstice event. It was expected to end, but the studio opted to extend it today. This means players still have a chance to capture pocket monsters that are under the fire and/or ice type categories.

It was revealed that the studio needed to extend the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” event due to login issues experienced by some trainers. Basically, players who own a Pokemon Trainers Club had difficulty logging into the game. This started last Monday and has affected a huge chunk of the playerbase, resulting to complaints received by the company.

As a way to compensate for the trouble, the company decided to give the event a one day extension.

Login issues in the game

It holds true, though, that Niantic released an update that fixes the said issue in “Pokemon GO.” However, for some reason, the developers of the game still opted for an extension of the Solstice event. It remains a mystery if whether or not the issue was fixed. Regardless, players now have another chance at collecting candies and/or earning extra experience points or bonuses.

The extension also allows players to have another shot at capturing fire and ice type pocket monsters. More importantly, they can acquire more in-game rewards that are part of the ongoing event. The extension is expected to end at 1 PM PT on June 21.

‘Pokemon GO’ Fest

Another event Niantic is set to introduce is called “Pokemon GOFest. This time around, though, it will be deemed as a real-world event, which will take place at Chicago’s Grant Park. Apparently, the tickets for this event have been sold out already. It is meant as a celebration for the mobile game’s first year anniversary, with lots of rewards and bonuses included.

There will also be a dramatic increase of Pokemon, most especially the rare ones, but will only appear in the said location.

As for players hoping to see the Legendary creatures in this upcoming “Pokemon GO” event, it is unlikely to happen. Although the studio did not deny it, there are reports suggesting that these special beasts are not part of the said event.

Interestingly, they are set to arrive this summer along with some of the promised features.

As for the game's forthcoming event at Chicago, it will simultaneously exist with a set of events in Europe. Of course, the main focus of these first year anniversary celebration will be at the park.