OverwatchPro gamers sure know how to keep their level in the higher tiers. However, like other ordinary players, they too struggle to maintain their current placement. Brave enough, Heather Alexandra shares how she’s been working hard to reclaim her spot in the Platinum arena.

In her recent post in Kotaku, Heather shared her current situation and how she keeps up with the competitive season without violating any community guidelines. The proud trans gamer confessed how she’s been fighting her way up and even noted some relevant events where she ended up messing her own play.

Criteria for “Overwatch” ranking

For starters, “Overwatch” follows a certain level of progression. Beginners are given their initial ranking after beating 10 placement matches. Later on, they will earn the entry level -- the Bronze tier. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster tiers complete the order of progression. However, for players to reach the next tier they must accomplish a personal feat in individual plays and winning in-game matches.

Aside from the seven known tiers, an elite group of gamers is segmented from the rest of the community. These god-like individuals belong to the Top 500 players.

For the longest time, Heather has enjoyed her stay in the Platinum tier. But her complacent placement would be shaken when her current tier ranked down to Gold.

Detailing more of her personal “Overwatch” experience, she revealed that she still hopes to reach the Diamond tier.

However, in order to move up, she has to endure Gold’s notoriety when it comes to team effort and coordination. She noted players in these level often argue with one another and are always in a panic when the game heightens.

Tips on how to rank up during the competitive season

Heather’s stay in Gold tier is torture. She admits to having difficulty in securing high scores and succeeding in matches. These experience made her even more determined to break through and reclaim her now elusive place in the Platinum tier.

Here are some tips we collected from Heather Alexandra's confession that will help you maintain and rank up from your current tiers.

  1. Perform an extended warm-up routine.
  2. Try new heroes and switch more often to learn more about the roles in the game.
  3. Dedicate more time to train to achieve better game sense and understanding.
  4. Play passionately.
  5. Set your goals straight.
  6. Play a handful of matches and earn 2 to 4 top matches during the season.