While “Pokemon GO” fans are still busy with the Solstice Event, Niantic is already working on a brand new one. That is right: the studio is set to release yet another event next month, only this time, it is going to happen in real-world. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Basically, “Pokemon GO” is turning a year old come July 6; hence the studio is focused on making a way for the community to celebrate. Apparently, they have already started working on various in-game and real-world events, all developed to commemorate the mobile game’s first birthday.

Believe it or not, a festivity of sort will happen next month.

Introducing the Pokemon GO Fest

The company is confirmed to release the so-called “Pokemon GO Fest,” which is scheduled for launching come July 22 in Chicago. It is worth noting that this will be the first live event the studio plans to organize. Currently, the invites have already commenced, with trainers being asked to join the forthcoming event in Chicago’s Grant Park. It is where they will meet with other trainers to “engage in a variety of activities.”

It remains a mystery as to what exactly these activities will be in the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” event. Some suggest it might include the arrival of the Legendary creatures along with all the promised features; others point at a possibility of Niantic doing even more than the usual surprises.

Nevertheless, this event is confirmed, and, in fact, the tickets will be sold starting July 19 at around 10 A.M. PT. Unfortunately though, the pricing still remains unknown.

It is not only happening in Chicago

For “Pokemon GO” players who cannot make it to the place, need not to worry. That is because Niantic has a workaround to offer.

Basically, the studio will also hold the same events in various cities across North America. This will be made possible thanks to the partnership of the company with the Knight Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to “foster informed and engaged communities.”

As for other cities in other countries, Niantic has yet to make any revelations.

Considering that this is a huge event in the “Pokemon GO” event, it is safe to say that the studio is planning to make it a worldwide celebration. Until the company make such announcement, all players have to do is wait and look forward. For the meantime, it is best for them to take advantage of the Solstice Event. It is where both fire and ice types Pokemon have an increase in terms of spawn rates.