Overwatch” players in the earlier part of 2017 reported a bug associated with Sombra’s Translocator. This bug made the character easier to kill. For a while, the community has been aware of this bug and players were expecting that the most recent Anniversary update could fix it. However, it turns out the bug seems to have gotten worse.

Translocator bug

In “Overwatch” Sombra uses the Translocator to go to different places by way of teleportation. When the bug was discovered, an opposing player could handily attack the place she went and hurl sufficient damage to destroy her.

The player then dies at the Translocator, which is far away from the fight. Theoretically, she should be in a different place on the map. This problem was broadly tested by numerous players. Most of them have discovered that the problem was not because of the ping.

On the game developer’s forums, several threads were lengthily discussing the issue. It was recently discussed again after a Reddit thread came out showing Sombra’s montage getting killed because of her Translocator bug.

What Blizzard has to say?

According to Blizzard, in some cases, the problem could be because of latency issues. However, the game developer did not rule out that there might be an underlying bug. In addition, the team already tried fixing the bug several times already and discovered that it was not really resolved.

Blizzard has made a comment about this issue in March and it appears that the bug is difficult to fix. The developer, however, assured players they will find a fix for the bug. The fifth season of competitive “Overwatch” will be making its debut. It is vital that the game developer should resolve this issue. However, Blizzard has not yet released any statement about Sombra’s Translocator bug.

In our previous article, we reported about the need for a report button on the console due to several complaints. Multiple players have reported about a player that belong to PlayStation 4 top 500 that has been bragging about using DDOS attacks to rank ahead. The popularity of the game is one of the reasons why players take advantage of game glitches or exploits and cheat their way to rank faster.

Meanwhile, the “Overwatch” Anniversary event is still ongoing and will last until June 12. For those who have not yet got the loot boxes, there is still ample to time to do so. We will bring you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.