Hammond could possibly be a cat in “Overwatch.” After Blizzard posted the cryptic blog post about the Horizon Lunar Colony Map, speculations about the next hero in the game have been hitting the Internet. Among the theories that have recently surfaced, some claim that Winston’s companion could be the 25th hero of the widely popular game. Aside from that, the identity of the character was also not revealed in the latest lore. This adds to the mystery surrounding the character.

Horizon Lunar Colony map

Blizzard revealed through the latest “Overwatch” lore that Hammond was from the Assault map of Lijiang Interstellar.

Given that the colony made gorillas into test subjects, the general perception was that the creature is a primate. However, there are other possible creatures aside from primates that could have been used as test subjects. Blizzard usually does not give away things that easily. It is possible that the game developer is planning something as far as the character is concerned. Each playable character does have a rich history, so it will be interesting to see what they could potentially do with this moving forward.

The cat theory

In their previous interviews, Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Lead Writer Michael Chu have hinted on a cat being developed. However, it was later abolished and never made it to launch.

There are claims that Hammond could be the Torbjorn’s cat that was teased by Blizzard.

In a series of teasers recently released, there was a communication that took place between the scientists in the colony map. In one of the emails, a character named Zhang was remorseful about their idea to have a smaller test subject. The statement is clear that the creature is smaller than Winston -- a gorilla.

It is possible that Hammond could be a monkey, and also possible that he could be a cat.

Supporting evidence linked to this theory is found in the official photo of the latest map released by Blizzard. In the map, Torbjorn’s turret was seen placed somewhere. While it could be just a fluke, Kaplan once said in a Developer update that even in space everyone can hear the scream of Torbjorn.

If Hammond is the 25th “Overwatch” hero, most likely, the creature could be a rocket-powered cat previously discussed by Blizzard. It is also possible that the creature could be included in the next game update. At this time, fans can only speculate and hope that their speculations are accurate regarding Blizzard’s future plan.