Overwatch” is one of the most widely played games in the gaming world today. Noticeably, Blizzard never stops releasing activities and update to keep players immersed. Because of its popularity, there are things that some gamers do in order to cheat their way to the top. One of this is the use of DDoS attack.

Recent complaint

For quite a long time now, console players have been reporting about other gamers who use unfair ways to rank in the game faster. This has been reported before and the practice has grown rampant in “Overwatch” now. According to a Reddit user, these players are using DDOS attacks to rank ahead.

The Redditor claimed that there is one player in PlayStation 4’s top 500 lists that is utilizing this dishonest way to rank up. The user added that the player is making use of the bug in PlayStation Network, which enables a gamer to obtain the IP address of other players in your team.

The Redditor added that this dishonest player would participate in a game and would send invitations to every player of the opposing team. As soon as the opposing team member accepts his invitation, that player will be DDOSed out of the game. Interestingly, this player has been notorious in the gaming community as he has been bragging about this feat for quite some time now. Previously, there were several reports sent to PSN but unfortunately, the complainants were referred to Blizzard.

As of this writing, the hacker in question is still enjoying his fame as Blizzard has not yet taken action against him.


Overwatch” on PC has a report function that has substantially helped the developer root out these kinds of players. With the latest function, incidents like these are addressed immediately. In the PlayStation 4 version of the game, there is no report button that functions as such.

Players can always send complaints to the game developer through email. The console client does not disclose the reports filed against that particular player.

Most often, issues like this underline the need for a report function tool in the console version of the game. Aside from that, PlayStation support should also know how to address incidents like these so that it could be resolved early on.

Other game updates

Meanwhile, “OverwatchAnniversary event is still up and will run until June 12. Fans are also waiting for more information about the recent cryptic blog post about the Horizon Lunar Colony Map, which has attracted a lot of interest recently. The game’s fan base is excited to know if the developer will introduce another game hero or launch another map. We will keep you posted with more updates about your favorite game when we get official information.