Orisa is the newest character to arrive in “Overwatch,” and so far, the reception has been pretty impressive. Players love the unique contribution she offers in the game. It is safe to say that this one is the most popular hero in the tank department so far.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero is sometimes replaced by the likes of Reinhardt and Winston. This usually happens in Competitive Play, as players are more comfortable with older heroes. What they are missing, however, is the great advantage that the character brings to her team.

Hence it is a shame for players not to utilize the new hero accordingly.

She is an anchor tank

Blizzard specifically designed Orisa to be an anchor tank in “Overwatch.” Unlike Reinhardt, her shield stays in one place, but only prevents incoming attacks from the front. She was made like this in an attempt for players to build around her. When she first debuted, she had trouble fulfilling the role the studio gave her. Fortunately, this was resolved following the release of patch 1.11, which gave her additional damage (around 22 percent) to block.

For the studio to provide her with the said buff, Orisa’s barrier cooldown has been buffed by at least 50 percent. Obviously, it is a dramatic increase, thus she comes more invulnerable than before.

This alone makes her a valuable asset to a team, as she now can go toe-to-toe with tanks like Reinhardt and Winston. But of course, this is just among the many reasons why the character has become a significant tank hero in the title.

She is a team booster

What most players in “Overwatch” love about Orisa is her ability to draw in lots of damage, allowing her teammates to pursue enemies while taking cover.

This is thanks to her hardened skin skill, which enables her to take an awful lot of beating. As long as it is used perfectly and timely, the character can provide the team a window to penetrate (if on offense) or halt any offense (if on defense). While Zarya and Winston have their own skills to offer, they cannot really cover a whole.

Zarya, in particular, can only provide shield barrier to one player at a time. Meanwhile, Winston may have that bubble shield, but it is not as formidable as Orisa’s.

More importantly, the above-mentioned “Overwatch” character has an ultimate that boosts her teammate's attack. It is perfect for ambush or conducting a surprise raid. As a matter of fact, it is quite useful in holding off a point. Clearly, Orisa is the best tank in the game.