Winston is perhaps one of the most interesting character in “Overwatch.” Not because he loves peanut butter, but simply because aggressive tanking is his forte. This hero has an HP of 500, which is basically a standard health pool for an acceptable tank. However, like most characters in the game, he can perform best if there is a healer around.

What most “Overwatch” players do not realize is that Winston is the kind of hero that heavily relies on survivability and aggressiveness. He is the kind of character that needs to jump in front (which he can literally do in the game) and wreak havoc.

His maneuver skills are enough to get him out of a risky situation.

Why play aggressively

The aforementioned hero’s main source of attack is the Tesla Cannon, a humongous gun that fires a burst of short-range electricity. The good thing about this weapon is its range of eight meters, which is decent enough to help him take down an opponent easily. Add to this the fact that players do not necessarily have to aim, as the electricity auto-attaches to an opponent.

The only problem with Winston’s weapon, however, is the damage it gives in “Overwatch.” It only offers around 60 damage per second (dps), which means that a good amount of time is needed in order to kill an opponent. Let alone the fact that he cannot do a headshot.

This is why it is best to make him an aggressive attacker in the field. Provided that he has a working healer, he can go toe-to-toe with almost every character in the game. To make his presence more formidable, deploying the Shield Barrier is quite useful.

Electrocuting the softest of all

As mentioned, Winston’s Tesla Cannon does not have an incredible dps, unlike any other tanks in “Overwatch.” However, the weapon’s damage is actually enough to peel off the softest character in a match.

Most often than not, these are the supports or dps heroes. These include the likes of Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta, Genji (most especially) and Hanzo, to name a few. Above all, doing so will help the team advance further, as the opposing team lacks the supports or hitters needed.

However, there are times that “Overwatch” players tend to back up their supports.

There could be a Soldier: 76 or Orisa near these characters. As a result, it is best to use Winston’s Jump Pack ability. Try to find a timing that will allow him to land on these supports surprisingly. If the situation gets tough, try using it to get away or to look for health packs. The idea here is to go in and out of the battlefield.