If your intention is to shake up the entire "Overwatch" community, all your need to do is drop the word Doomfist. This will surely make every player go crazy and bring your handle on top of all community forums. The same scenario just happened to bax42 who revealed that "Overwatch" PTR contains some unintentional leaks regarding Blizzard’s Summer Games Event.

Unintentionally, the big reveal leaked

The poster discovered the notes while checking his recorded best moment after playing using the PTR server. Upon hitting the error log, the Inspector Summary pop up said "Overwatch" - Doomfist / Summer Games: Assertion failed: 0x454C339D "0x811C9DC5".

The result shown on the screen hyped up the gamer when he noticed the namesake -- "Overwatch" - Doomfist / Summer Games. This specific information is indicative that the next update might bring back Summer Games with the most anticipated sort-of-a-villain character, Doomfist.

'Overwatch' Subreddit confirms

Moments later, the "Overwatch" subreddit came out with the same thread topic, DOT Sports reported. After the big news has been confirmed, fans started posting instruction options on how to check the big news so other players can confirm it by themselves.

Note that Doomfist doesn't pop up in the Live file but only in the PTR which is notably a new thing. For checking, open up the PTR "Overwatch's .exe file in Notepad++ or the basic Notepad.

You can also try opening up a blank file, Ctrl+O and then locate the file to see the said leak.

What do we know so far?

Some fans believe that "Overwatch" game developers have unintentionally made a mistake while conducting an internal testing which led to the supposed leakage. Meanwhile, others fans are considering the possibility that Blizzard might be trolling the fandom again.

They assume that this could be just another trick intended to hype up players the same way the company poked fun with Sombra’s release.

Moreover, Doomfist’s launch is reportedly happening at Blizzcon 2017 this November. According to "Overwatch" poster Specter, Blizzard might drop even more teasers in the coming days so it is better to prepare for the best.

In addition, he expects more teasers about Numbani and Hammond in the coming days.

Conversely, there are few things we know about Doomfist. For example, it is still unclear whether this character will either be a hero or a villain. However, we heard from the latest update that Doomfist stole a gauntlet from the Payload on Numbani. He also punched a hole in the wall at the airport before skipping out of the town.