Overwatch” gamers will surely be delighted as Blizzard releases a new map today. The game developer teased it on Monday, Horizon Lunar Console for PC which is available for testing. Gamers are advised to visit the FAQ on Blizzard’s official website for the full details if they want to participate in the test run.

The new assault map

It is an assault map that is set in a precise moonbase. It takes the gamers to some unbelievable sights of the Earth. The game developer provided a depiction of the map, which shows the beginnings of the space base and a glimpse of the challenges there.

In order to keep gamers engrossed, which could urge them to purchase extra items like emotes and custom skins, Blizzard made the said assault map available for free. This has the advantage of not dividing the gamer base among different map packs while also allowing gamers (with a lot of money) to spend on items as much as they want, according to the previous report from Blasting News.

In the “Overwatch” maps, Horizon Lunar Colony is in the game’s assault class, meaning it has a load that a team should to multiple checkpoints. "Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set in a scientific base on the moon. Built as a first step towards humanity's renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation--on human and ape alike," Gamespot reported.

More details about the Horizon Lunar Colony are shown in the trailer via the video pans over different areas of the map. “Overwatch” fanatics can try the map now, and it will soon be available in the standard playlists, Venture Beat reported.

Blizzard's take on low gravity

The strategy that slightly broke “Overwatch” is Blizzard’s take on low gravity, considering that the assault map is on the moon.

Well, for those who wish to try out the map, the game developer will add an Arcade option for a restricted time only, which will offer low gravity on all maps. The low-gravity setting will also be offered in custom games.

Gamers can also anticipate Horizon Lunar Colony’s official release in the “Overwatch” game two weeks from now, as Blizzard doesn't take too long to put contents on its public servers, so the map will soon be available to the wider player base. As for the other news, “Overwatch” Anniversary event is happening now and the Competitive Season 5 started and runs until June 12, Blasting News reported.

Watch Horizon Lunar Colony trailer here.