E3 2017 in Los Angeles is just around the corner. The Nintendo Switch console is experiencing a lot of pressure these days. Gamers want to find out if they are addressing some of the issues on its previous releases on Wii.

Nintendo might face a lot of queries, whether it depends on characters from its peak days, or got too focused on a motion-gaming trend it established with Wii or why it has not fully clinched online multiple players. The console company has made its way to counter those issues in the past two years, however, it has to show their fans that it can keep up.

That leads us to "Arms", Nintendo’s new motion-controlled multiplayer.

“Arms” the saving grace of Wii?

“Arms “ is a fun boxing game, although one that offers gamers cybernetic limbs and the opportunity to brawl it out in an innovative arena.

Gamers Switch on palm-sized Joy-Con controllers in both hands, which able them to punch. When they punch with their arms, the character that they are playing punches onscreen with expandable virtual limbs, although it depends on how the gamer position his hands, they can block opponent’s punches or curve their hands to punch.

On one hand, there is a little of a learning curve, as gamers have to utilize the small buttons on the charge, lunge and jump attacks.

It is a lot of thinking to do on their feet; “Arms” is more fun to play with when standing.

“Arms” is a multiplayer game, so gamers can have fun playing it with someone else, but the gaming partner will also need a pair of Joy-Con controllers and a bigger room so that they can have enough space to move during the game. They can also play against other players or even with friends online!

Other games from Nintendo Switch

From previous reports on Blasting News, Square Enix confirmed in January that it has a couple of games coming out in Nintendo Switch. Both “Dragon Quest XI” and “Dragon Quest X” have no release dates. “Final Fantasy XV” is not yet confirmed to be in Switch.

Another Blasting News report discussed Switch.

“Sonic Forces,” and other third-party games like “Yooka Laylee,” “Stardew Valley,” and “Seasons of Heaven” will be released on Switch.

The new game successfully addressed Nintendo’s biggest issues. This new series is very engaging, without needing to depend on the famous Nintendo characters, Yoshi, Mario, and Kirby. That is a very positive sign that “Arms” will be as successful as “Splatoon.”

There are still some issues for Nintendo to clear to make the Switch a real success, and “Arms” is not the game that could help the brand itself. To be specific, Nintendo needs to make more mobile games and console. Although, “Arms” is an awesome addition to the shows and lineup of Switch, maybe, Nintendo has been overseeing the issues of its players through the years.

Here is the latest video from Nintendo: