This is the best time of the year for gaming fans to draw out some leaks and stir up some speculations because E3 2017 is approaching. This time, Bethesda is in the limelight. It is reported that Bethesda will announce its new IP, “Starfield” at E3. It is to set to be the showstopper of the event.

It is said to serve as a connection between “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “Fallout 4” universes. Yes, that is right; this new space-theme quest will allow gamers to discover the two different settings.

A post by Salulard on 4Chan leaks the features of “Starfield” which left many gamers amazed.

Nevertheless, there is some hesitation to buy into the reported leak by some gamers. However, the term is already familiar to fans, as Bethesda has been working on this for a couple of years now.

Interconnecting two different game universes

Talking about interconnected universes, the leak states that the timeline of the interconnection will happen from the beginning of the “Fallout,” then "Starfield" in the middle of the timeline, before “Elder Scrolls” in the future. Of course, the most rational universe for the three games is to set the new IP in the future, then “Elder Scrolls” in the middle, the Express reported.

In other news, Bethesda teased “Starfield” three years ago, in E3 2014. This gives the fans more hope that the game is coming to E3 2017.

ZeniMax, the mother company of Bethesda, registered a new trade name application with United Sates Patent and Trademark Office on April 11, for “Starfield.” The game’s presentation could have been an underground development in this year’s E3, Inquisitr reported.

Based on the reported leak, the new IP game has been in the works for years, even during the “Fallout 3” launch.

Although it took time for the developer to work on “Starfield,” the release and completion of “Fallout 4” and its DLCs has finally allowed the developer to put all their attention and energy into the game in time for the E3 2017. In the other news, Blasting News reported that “Fallout 4” will have a VR compatible version soon.

The new IP game’s features

The new game features hub worlds, RNG worlds and space travel. It is intended to test into Minecraft like an AAA/Sandbox kind of thing but with its gameplay, it is still designed as real quests and worlds.

Gamers love Bethesda because of loads of fun they have spent on the famous game, “Elder Scrolls V Skyrim,” a renowned title that has turned into its console life and software by exhausting the franchise even six years after its launch. This was also reported by Blasting news to be revealed during the event. They still have not yet moved on from the surprise of the “Fallout 4” launch at E3 two years ago when Bethesda announced it. This makes the fans very optimistic about this year’s E3 from the game developer, which will surely shock the gaming world.

Want to know more about the leak? Enjoy the video below: