"Rimworld" first appeared in the gaming world as a kick-starter released by Ludeon Studios in October 2013. It was created by Tynan Sylvester. The colony Survival Game flavored with science fiction elements was an easy sell to gamers as it encourages the use of strategic thinking, building and creating.

Initially, the player is given three colonists, all of which they control. One must build homes safe from predators, rear animals, grow crops for food and build weaponry for defense. The player must watch their colonists’ moods, and ensure that they eat, sleep and relax regularly.

"RimWorld" engages logical thinking and real-world consequences such as the death of colonists, injuries, diseases and psychotic episodes.

What makes RimWorld Different?

The Storytelling element to #RimWorld is what stands it apart from the rest. Three modes, which can be chosen, determine the level of in #game focus. For example, the AI Storyteller Phoebe Chillax allows players to develop their base network and build those all-important structures. Through the storytellers, the player can decide if they want to remain where they are or travel the world. Making the AI element personable is also another feature ingrained in "RimWorld". This quality is also found in individual colonists as they all have different personalities.

Some are pyromaniacs, some are pacifists, some are doctors, but most are happy to plague you with their problematic mood bars. The psychological detail explored in "RimWorld" really takes the game to the next level. Each colonist has his or her own backstory, family and skill range.

Danger in game

In the game danger begins the minute you start your game.

Rogue animals surround you, many of which will attack your beloved pets and colonists. Weather leaves colonists sick, destroys crops and often sets fire to your home. Raids occur at intervals and computer generated pirates will come and attack your colony, sometimes even stealing colonists and disappearing with them. The bigger your colony grows the more frequent and life threatening the danger.

Once your colony has reached a certain level, robotic enemies will begin to appear. They are the most difficult opponent to defeat, save for the occasional maddened rhino or elephant. These dangers must be faced with a combination of defenses and assaults orchestrated by the player. So make sure to have those machine guns handy for when the raiders come knocking.

Unfortunately, "RimWorld’s" kick-starter days are over but the game is available on the gaming platform Steam. The original basic game version is going for just $27.99 however, expansion packs have also been created the most expensive of which, the "RimWorld Pirate King Pack2, is going for $359.99. On whether or not the purchase is worth it, #RimWorld has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. The #game experience is definitely one to be remembered, even for the occasional gamer out there.