The "Overwatch" Anniversary Event has barely started. However, there are new reports of details about the next event Blizzard is preparing for its gamers. It can be recalled that there were several complaints about the current loot boxes system implemented by the developer. For their part, game director, Jeff Kaplan took notes about these complaints and gamers are speculating that new rules would be rolled out soon. While players are engaged in this current activity, several fans discovered another set of information about the next event through data mining.

Datamined details

Redditor ethanclavio shared his discoveries with the community with the help of @mischanix. He pointed out that normally, "Overwatch's" files and encrypted and you can only get the information when the next major update roll out. However, with the aid a friend and OverTool, he was able to see several details that describe the next game event. Among his discoveries include the terms Event 7, golden loot. The Redditor also found in the strings of the game's dump citations of golden loot boxes and golden loot as well as the default model of the new loot box in golden color.

Aside from those, another Redditor 30847192, shared his finds about the next event too. The user discovered sets of jingles or sounds.

One sound as speculated by several gamers in the community most likely refers to a jingle for opening the update. Some others commented that the sound resembles that of Numbani with loud and lively beats. There are also some that said it could be referring to the Lucioball since summer is nearing.

Meanwhile, there are those who proposed that the game might be following the style of "Heroes of the Storm" in distributing loot.

In this approach, a particular type of loot boxes has a guaranteed and sure way to hold a rare item as compared to the regular distribution. This could be most likely given the recent issue about the system these goodies are being distributed, which has disappointed several players.

Anniversary event

"Overwatch" is celebrating its birthday, and the best way Blizzard would like to celebrate it is through an Anniversary event.

In this event, players will be able to enjoy over 100 rewards including the latest skins, voice lines, dances, player icons, and sprays. There is also the event spoils that gamers receive even by simply logging into the game. The latest festivity is available beginning May 23 and will run until June 12.