In the most widely played game today, mods played an essential part in keeping players engaged. While "Overwatch" remains one of the top games of its generation, several gamers are starting to wonder if Blizzard will ever release mod support for the game. Vice-President of Blizzard Entertainment and Manager of the game Jeffrey Kaplan shared his thoughts about this issue and much more.

On Modding tools

In a recent question and answer portion of the "Overwatch" Anniversary Event in New York, Tigole was asked several questions about the modding tools, which most players have been itching to hear.

When he was asked if it's possible to hand the modding tools to the players, so they design their own scenario Kaplan was appreciative of the idea. He shared that they love the concept and it is one thing that he always emphasizes to the player base. The game manager also refutes the perception that they are against those creative individuals modding the game.

Kaplan also credited the modders in their contribution to the success of other Blizzard games naming "League of Legends," "DOTA," and "DOTA 2," would not survive if they were not receptive to modding. He further clarified that they are open to modding. However, he stressed that because of the latest game engine and the time needed to get the system online, and all other essentials, that idea will not happen very soon.

Blizzard's vice president noted that in philosophy the game is ready for the modding, however, it will take them years to be able to make the concept a reality. While Map Creation Tools and Mod are coming to "Overwatch," fans have to wait some more years. Recently, the game got a mod tool-like feature via the Custom Game Browser that players find user-friendly.

What will be the tools like?

According to Tigole, he envisions the tools will be real hardcore. In other words, modders cannot tweak it. He added that he would rather give players something of high quality that they will appreciate instead of giving them a tool that will make everybody, especially the game, a laughing stock.

He further said that if Blizzard is to release the tools, they will be designed for semi-professional up to the professional type of fanbase.

The "Overwatch" Anniversary event is happening on May 23 in New York. On the event, more great news is anticipated to be revealed. Among these, fans are hoping for new emotes, voice lines, and new skins to be announced.