As those who play “Overwatch” on a regular basis know, the game is periodically updated to feature new gameplay maps. These new maps provide “Overwatch” players with uncharted battlegrounds to enjoy. The new maps, however, also serve as a reminder that “Overwatch” is a game with a storyline that is constantly growing and developing.

Horizon Lunar Colony map

Blizzard recently announced that “Overwatch” gamers would have a chance to sink their teeth into some fresh battleground fights next week. The Horizon Lunar Colony Map rolls out for some testing next week, and will go live for all players to enjoy on June 20.


In a behind-the-scenes video, players got to see a sneak peek as a Blizzard developer opened up about some of his favorite gaming maps. According to the developer, his favorite maps are those that have strong character and story hooks. “Overwatch” players are already aware of the new Horizon Lunar Colony map being the home of Winston – the game’s scientist gorilla.

Finally, however, this map will be playable, so fans can take a look at Winston’s base and learn more about the gorilla’s story and why he decided to leave the Moon. As an added bonus, this map promises to add brand new gameplay elements. One example being a low gravity area.

Fun factoids

In the behind-the-scenes developer video, “Overwatch” gamers also got to learn fun factoids about the new map.

For example, the new map was actually an Eater egg that was teased in the Dorado map. Gamers will also be able to watch the moon twinkle and shimmer because of the city lights in the distance.

The developer also discussed a few of the design decisions made for this new map. For example, it was revealed that this will be the very first “Overwatch” map to be 90 percent indoors.

The “Overwatch” developing team wanted to refine current gameplay while experimenting with new gameplay as well. This is where that small low gravity area comes into play.

The PTR is still live for those who are hoping to test the Horizon Lunar Colony map before it officially rolls out. However, chances are good that it will be taken down soon in order for the developers to prepare for the next “Overwatch” patch.

As those who have been following “Overwatch” patch 1.12 know, Blizzard has also promised to fix the laggy hammer of Reinhardt. Gamers have been complaining about this particular bug ever since it surfaced following the Anniversary patch. Are you looking forward to the “Overwatch” patch 1.12 next week? Are you looking forward to trying out the new map?