As hard as it is to believe, it has been a year since Overwatch was released by Blizzard. Since that time, the gaming developer has hit gamers with a number of different things.

Reinhardt has been neglected

Most “Overwatch” players would agree Reinhardt is one of the few characters that has been somewhat overlooked as far as patches are concerned. Some consider this to be a little bizarre given how powerful this character is. In fact, it is not uncommon for Reinhardt to be the very backbone that holds a team together. Despite being fairly heavily used, he’s been a relatively balanced character.

Anniversary patch caused a glitch

While most enjoyed the double XP bonus that came along with the anniversary patch, it did cause Reinhardt to finally become unbalanced. In fact, the character was hit with a rather annoying glitch that was hard to ignore. The glitch has been so much of an annoyance a user named Kekstarter vented about it on the forum a while back. While it was unclear exactly what the glitch was doing it was either causing a delay in the strike of his hammer or it was not registering that an animation cancel had been used with the character’s barrier.

As most know, Reinhardt is a character that is most effective by his ability to quickly cause damage and then fall back to protect his team from harm.

The glitch causing a delay in the hammer nulled the character's usefulness to his team in matches. Being unable to quickly dispose of his enemies caused the player to become a sitting duck as he was suddenly an easy target for Tracers or Reapers to take out. As you can imagine, this pretty much crippled any teams that relied on Reinhardt as a backbone.

Blizzard has responded to the glitch

Those having a hard time dealing with the Anniversary patch Reinhardt glitch will be happy to know it was an unintentional glitch on Blizzard’s part. According to Bill Warnecke, the “Overwatch” 1.12 patch includes fixes that are hoping to eliminate the laggy hammer issue. Warnecke reassured gamers that Blizzard would be monitoring the players for feedback regarding whether or not the 1.12 patch update was able to fix the annoying glitch.

He went on to promise that additional updates would be made if necessary.

Were you or your team plagued by the Reinhardt laggy hammer glitch? Are you hopeful that the 1.12 patch will get rid of the problem? Did the glitch cause any problems for you during the double XP bonus in celebration of the Anniversary event?