The highly talked about Xbox Project Scorpio was revealed and put on display during Microsoft's E3 conference. A lot of Microsoft fans were geared up to see the new console, believing it would be the best aspect of the show. The powerful and promising console is called the Xbox One X. It will be different from any other Xbox console filled with many different features. One of the key questions in play is if it will live up to the hype? Will it put Microsoft over Sony?

Key features

The three goals of the new system are power, compatibility, and craftsmanship.

The Xbox One X is a supreme console promised to be fast, luxurious, and filled with power. It is also the smallest yet for the company and it boasts high power at 6 teraflops of power along with 12GB's of memory, better than the Playstation 4. The hyped system will also deliver a full 4K HD experience at over 8 million pixels.

Xbox's have had problems in the past of overheating which is why the new system will have liquid cooling within the console. Microsoft is being cautious and is making sure their new system runs smoothly.

The system will also be backwards compatible and be able to play other Xbox games. Fans will be able to play older games and the company has added a long list of games to the online library for purchase.

Another good feature is "supersampling," which even if a customer does not have a 4K television, will still be able to see graphical improvements on a television with a 1080p display. So everyone can enjoy the graphical improvements of the new console regardless of the television.

Xbox One X pricing vs. Xbox One S

The new Xbox will be priced at about 499 dollars, which is very expensive for a console.

However, the Xbox One S will have a price drop and be only 250 dollars. The slim white console without a power brick is a lot less than the new console for having some of the same abilities of 4K entertainment and having Blu-ray. The unfair pricing is going to hold down the new Xbox and Sony will continue to sell more games and consoles.

Will it be successful?

Since the Xbox One X will be priced at 599 dollars, it is going to be difficult to sell. It could be a tough sell because of the price and the fact that the Xbox One S is a lot less for having some of the same features. Despite all the promising features and improvements, 599 bucks seems unfair and a high steep.

It seems that Sony has the edge in console and in exclusive games. There are much more games to be played on the PS4 than the Xbox, the games also look better on the system in general and the video games seem to hold more diversity and story.

The Xbox One X will be available in stores November 7th worldwide as it looks to bounce back.

Sony still holds the edge over Microsoft

It seems that Sony has already beaten out the new console. A customer can buy a new PS4 Pro for about 400 bucks only with the same abilities of the new Xbox. And Sony has just released a brand new slim gold system that is priced at around 250 bucks. The press conference of Sony was more impressive than Microsoft's as well.

Sony still greatly holds an edge over Microsoft in games and consoles. Pricing will also be a factor in Sony's favor in the console war. Apart from this is the fact that Sony has made strides in the virtual reality department, while Microsoft has not done anything. Moreover, the Xbox One X does look impressive, but will it live up to the hype and put Microsoft on top alone?