After several months of complaining, it appears as if gaming giant Blizzard has finally listened. “Overwatch” players everywhere are rejoicing as gamer nuisance Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has finally been banned.

Who is he?

For months, a ProfessionalOverwatch” player known as Dafran has been causing a massive problem in the gaming community by encouraging cheating, throwing games on purpose, streaming anime hentai, and just blunt internet trolling. Players have been filing complaints asking Blizzard to do something for months, as Dafran wasn’t shy about the fact that he was purposely throwing games so he could get demoted from Grandmaster to Platinum.

The professional “Overwatch” player admitted that this was something he wanted to happen to “wreck plat scrubs.”


"Overwatch" news recently broke that Dafran was banned by Blizzard from all Season 5 “Overwatch” competitions – this including “Overwatch Contenders.” In addition to Blizzard, the professional gamer has also been banned from his team, Selfess, as well.

The biggest question some have had is: how exactly did Dafran get other gamers to cheat for him? After all, the game is randomized right? As a professional “Overwatch” player, it wasn’t uncommon for gamers to recognize him. This was true even if they hadn’t played with him before. Whenever players on the other team recognized him, Dafran would use it as an opportunity to encourage them using Twitch to bail on their team so his team could win.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very clever move, as Twitch video clips are saved and monitored in order to make sure other high-profile players don’t do this.

Team Selfless

Given everything that has happened, Team Selfless has not been banned by Blizzard.

Dafran, however, has been suspended from “Overwatch” for a week, banned from Season 5 when he returns, and banned from all future competitions as well. Both Team Selfless and Dafran himself have posted responses to what has happened.

Team Selfless claims to want to help the professional player get whatever counseling or guidance he needs in order to move forward.

The team acknowledges that he is no longer a part of their team, but they still want to help him with his mental and emotional issues. They claim he is a “dear friend” of the team and that they will continue to support him.

Those who have followed Dafran will agree he gave a very Dafran-style response. He claimed that it was time for him to stop trolling. Though, he dropped a few f-bombs in showing his disregard for what happens to him and his career as a gamer. He, however, appeared to show slight remorse for the fact that his troll-like actions were impacting his team and their gaming careers.

He ended his response to being banned and barred with one simple statement, “troll community disband.”

How do you feel about Dafran getting temporarily banned from “Overwatch” and permanently banned from competitions? Do you think he should be allowed to return at all?