Did you know Kentucky Fried Chicken (affectionately known as KFC) launched a Chicken Sandwich into orbit last month? It was on June 21 that a KFC chicken sandwich was officially launched into space.

Four days

The sandwich traveled around Earth for four days and was watched by World View. The company that sent the zinger, the spicy chicken sandwich, into Space used a high altitude balloon to send it right to the edge of space. The balloon’s flight was used to research how it would fly and hover. This is because they eventually want to offer humans the chance to travel up in balloon controlled pods which sound terrifying.

Other weird items sent in space

Believe it or not, a KFC chicken sandwich is far from the only bizarre item to be launched into space. In fact, there are many other kinds of weird things that have also left planet earth. In fact, here are a few extra bizarre ones.

Amelia Earhart was a tragic figure and still cloaked in mystery when it comes to what happened to her. In 2009, her photographer’s grandson took her scarf into space. In 2010 the Earhart watch, one that had belonged to her went into space with Shannon Walker, an astronaut and member of the Ninety-Nines, an organization Earhart had been the president of in the 1920s.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, or even if you aren’t, you’ll think this is cool.

A Jedi light saber weighing 1.5 pounds went up on the 23rd mission to the ISS in the year 2007. This was the actual light saber used by Luke in Return of the Jedi. This was to celebrate the 30th anniversary in a big way by sending a piece of the space opera into space.

Some Lego figurines went up on the Juno probe which went to Jupiter last year.

They are Roman gods Juno and Jupiter which is fitting and one of Galileo holding a mini telescope and planet Jupiter. Lego partnered with NASA to help get children interested in science.

The Voyager 1 and two which are still flowing around in space carry with them the sounds of Earth. It's all on gold plated set of disks with a message from the then President Carter in 1977 and images coded onto them.

The sounds include rain, music, and a kiss between a mother and child among many others.

These are some of the strange things that have been out of this world. Maybe next time KFC sends a chicken sandwich into space, they’ll go all the way with it. It’s costly to send things into space, so they are probably just getting their feet wet with this first trip.