Ana is one of the best support characters in “Overwatch.” However, this is only true if players know exactly how to use her. She is the type of character that requires accuracy and, more importantly, timing.

The interesting thing about the “Overwatch” character is her biotic rifle. It allows her to heal her teammates and/or use it to fend off opponents. While she can be a deadly fighter in the field, her efficiency is based on how she supports her teammates.

The biotic rifle

As mentioned, the biotic rifle is Ana’s primary weapon in the game. It is a sniper-type weapon that enables her to fire healing darts at her allies.

It can also be used to provide 60 damages per second to opponents when needed. The most important aspect of this weapon is understanding the way it fires from the hip and the projectile speed.

First and foremost, it is always good to heal teammates from a certain distance provided the scope is used. However, the “Overwatch” character cannot be a reliable support if there is no definite line of sight. So, as much as possible, it is best to position her in a location that allows her to acquire tunnel vision.

The sleep dart

The sleep dart is perhaps one of Ana’s most powerful abilities in “Overwatch,” as it can completely shut down heroes. It should be noted, though, that there is a delay between the time it is fired and the moment it hits the target.

It is, therefore, more effective if the dart is fired just a few inches away from the target. Timing, in particular, is of the essence here; otherwise, it is impossible to hit a target even at a shorter distance.

The sleep dart can be used on any heroes in “Overwatch,” but it is more effective when targeted at characters that rely on diving or flanking.

Some of the common examples are Genji, Winston and Pharah. These characters thrive in surprising their opponents and killing them off; so it is best to disable them right away. The moment these heroes show up, try to put them to sleep using the dart.

The biotic grenade

The biotic grenade projectile gives Ana two options: heal her allies or negate the healing abilities of the enemies.

Sometimes, it can be used both ways when the team launches an attack against the enemy: the biotic grenade heals the allies and negates the opponents. Interestingly, this can be thrown from an acceptable distance but is best for launching in the middle of the fight.

The grenade is also a great combo to other “Overwatch” heroes’ skills. Zarya’s ultimate, in particular, can be more effective following an explosion from the biotic grenade. If the opposing team tries to use Zenyatta’s ultimate, Ana’s grenade can be used to negate the healing abilities of other heroes.

The nano boost

The nano boost is the Ana hero’s ultimate. It exponentially increases the affected teammate’s damage and damage resistance by 50 percent.

This allows the boosted character to swing into full fights without the worry of getting ditched. However, this ultimate only works best with characters that offer multi-power capabilities or ultimates, such as Reinhardt, Genji, and Soldier: 76.

The key to making the nano boost effective is accuracy and timing. Accuracy in a sense that the targeted ally must be ready and ultimate-equipped to take the boost. Timing, on the other hand, is more about knowing when to use the ultimate. There are players who mistakenly use it in early fights, leaving their team completely disadvantaged by the opposing team.