There are countless rumors about new features and whatnots coming to “Overwatch,” and these continue to happen even today. Nonetheless, an interesting speculation suggests that console co-op will make its way to the hit shooter title. While this is an interesting thing to look forward to, Blizzard is said to have no interesting towards such feature.

The mode mentioned above is basically where two “Overwatch” players using two controllers are involved. It is commonly known as local co-op, but as interesting as it may sound, the studio has no plans of pursuing it.

Perhaps, at this time they do not; however, if they see it as a valuable addition, there is no way it will not happen.

“Overwatch” developers take on console co-op

The video game company believe that local co-op in the game is a fun and “cool” thing to have. Unfortunately, it is not part of their to-do list, putting an end to all the rumors about it. The studio iterated that to acquire great performance and workability, an enormous amount of effort and resources are needed. Moreover, implementing such feature in the game only results to split screening. Apparently though, in the history of video gaming, it has yet to provide an acceptable gaming experience to players.

It holds true that adding a split screen functionality (be it horizontally or vertically) to “Overwatch” can be an interesting thing to experience.

However, it cannot be denied that such system can be a total changer to the overall experience. The fact that the game’s field vision is already limited in one way or another, adding the feature described above will only make things worse. Using it may only compromise things within the game.

The local co-op era is over

Almost all will agree that local co-op, way before games such as “Overwatch” were introduced, has become an iconic feature within the video game industry.

As a matter of fact, it got a revival following the presentation of “A Way Out” at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). However, as sad as it may sound, this feature’s significance is over. The era of local co-op has long been buried in the trenches.

Nowadays, people are keener to play a game that offers discrete setup.

Nonetheless, Blizzard is known for trying to cope up with fan expectations. So, if this is really what the community wants, it would just be a matter of time before local co-op hits “Overwatch.” Perhaps, if such thing will exist, the studio will find a way to make the implementation worth it.