Like any other games, “Overwatch” also has its own share of trolls. These are basically players who would rather poison a match than help make it better. In order to subdue them, Blizzard introduced a reporting system that allows players to, well, report these kinds of people.

Apparently, not everyone is happy with the reporting system in “Overwatch.” Sure, it is as impervious as what other games offer; however, it does not really have the power to pacify offensive players. It does not have the tooth to lessen toxicity in the game, so to speak.

As a result, the overall gameplay experience continues to be at risk.

Toxic players remain toxic

The aforementioned system was developed by Blizzard in order to lessen the level of toxicity in the game. It is a means for players to reach out to the video game company and inform them of another player’s behavior in a match. In a sense, it works just fine; however, for the most part of it, the issue it tries to counter persists. Loathsome players are still present or they simply continue what they do best: to troll or offend other players.

In fact, most players do not even mind getting reported in “Overwatch.” They think that getting suspended and/or banned from playing the game does not happen.

Well, that is simply because no such thing really happens, like at all. Well, perhaps it does, but it seems like it does not exist. This only proves that the reporting system needs some serious upgrades from Blizzard.

Players are simply clueless

In the “Overwatch” community, players expressed their discontentment towards the system.

They are even clueless as to how exactly it works. In fact, most of them think that the system, in one way or another, is more about being a placebo rather than a management structure for pacifying harassment. It does not even help that console players have no such functionality, though the studio already confirmed that they are working on it.

Fortunately, Blizzard is fully aware of the toxicity plaguing “Overwatch” and even sees it as a big concern for the future of the game. However, they iterated that the reporting system was made in such a way for exploits to never happen. They want to prevent the possibility of players reporting other players as a form of revenge or something. As of this writing, the studio’s work on improving the feature continues. They cannot provide a specific date or timeline, though, as to when the changes will be implemented.