Supercell’s newest title, “Brawl Stars”, just had its soft launch recently. It is indeed a promising mobile game, though some believe it will be overshadowed by “Clash Royale.” After all, the latter has become a hit title second to “Clash of Clans.”

Nevertheless, there is no reason to believe that “Brawl Stars” will become the next big thing in the mobile game industry. It has all elements that can be at par, if not surpass, with the other titles of today. Besides, it is developed by one of the industry's leading mobile game developer Supercell.

It is a fresh one

The moment “Clash of Clans” arrived, it quickly gained a huge following. Players were starting to play it for longer hours, as they realize how awesome it was. Well, this was due to the fact that it was new and that it offered something different from what most of its competitors did.

With “Brawl Stars,” it is also likely to experience such momentum in the mobile game industry. What is even interesting is the fact that it neither falls in the MOBA nor the shooter category. Simply put, this is a new game with a new gameplay experience to offer. Judging by the way players respond to newer titles, this game from Supercell will definitely make it to the top.

Online competition is a trend

Online games have quickly conquered the world of video gaming. Almost all titles nowadays are developed with an online feature or play. It is a trend that most game developers would want to be a part. “Brawl Stars,” in particular, falls into this category, too.

In addition, the aforementioned game has faster paced action compared to “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans.” The characters, or Brawlers, are far more immediate and faster.

The matches are even more thrilling, with the added element of a real action-game.

It has co-op multiplayer feature

Both “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale” allow players to fight other players, but they only do that with a single opponent. They are basically a two-player game. In “Brawl Stars,” however, the gameplay is not limited to two opponents fighting each other.

Players get to fight other players in a much wider and more interesting arena. Simply put, the more players the better.

The new mobile game offers a great number of involved players. There is even a broader selection of characters that players can choose from. These very elements are without a doubt reasons why “Brawl Stars” can become a huge success in the market. It is a free-for-all game, after all.