The long-awaited spinoff “Metal Gear Survive” of the original “Metal Gear” franchise will, unfortunately, be delayed. Representatives from Konami confirmed the news at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017.

The game was originally slated for release this year, but it has been moved to a later date in 2018. It appears that the arcade game company has intentionally pushed back the game's release for a few months so it can develop the title even more.

A background of the spinoff game

Metal Gear Survive” was first announced in 2016. It was set to be released in 2017 but has been moved to 2018.

The delay is to give more time to Konami’s development team to perfectly polish the game. The survival action game features a “dense single-player mode.” As described by the company, players will experience a different kind of mysterious adventure in this video game.

It also has a cooperative multiplayer mode. Here, players can use stealth, weapons, and gears to fight off the deadly, zombie-like creatures in the alternate universe of the game series. “Metal Gear Survive” is set in a different timeline after the events of “MGS 5: Ground Zeroes,” which is the prequel of “MGS 5: The Phantom Pain.”


Metal Gear Survive” features the Mother Base soldiers. These warriors are brought to a strange, zombie-filled alternate world through a wormhole.

It is a cooperative gameplay in which players have to deal with a herd of zombies to survive, set on the alternate version of the “MGS 5: The Phantom Pain” Afghanistan map. It is the first game added to the game franchise since its creator Hideo Kojima left Konami. While the game was not revealed at 2016’s Tokyo Game Show, it is currently playable at electronic entertainment expo 2017.

Fans’ reaction to Konami’s new game

Game Rant reported that “Metal Gear Survive” doesn’t actually fit in the “Metal Gear Solid” series. It is set up in an alternate timeline. Its title doesn’t even sound like it came from the game franchise’s name, but Konami has said over and over again that it is a part of the game series.

However, game enthusiasts’ reaction to it is far different from the other titles from the series.

The gameplay demo received a number of dislikes on YouTube. Fans are evidently upset with what Konami is doing with the franchise and suspect Konami is disrespecting its creator, Hideo Kojima. The game will be out in the early part of 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.