Fans are treated to a brand new trailer for “God Of War 4” at the recent press conference of Sony at electronic entertainment expo 2017. The teaser gave a glimpse of Kratos’ new adventure with the use of Norse mythology. It looks like the new installment of the video game series will be far more different from its predecessors now that its lead character has matured. As he now aged and has a son Atreus, players have to see if they will still be treated with the same gameplay or a more intense adventure.

A more matured ‘GoW 4’

In “God of War 4,” Kratos will embark on a new adventure.

And while he is on a journey, he will meet new allies and foes in the new world that he is into. The anti-hero will also take advantage of his adventure with his son and use it as their bonding. However, to keep up with his father, it looks like the kid also possesses some great powers. By the looks of it, the soon-to-be-released title will be different from its previous versions as it will offer a higher level of maturity following the story of its aging main protagonist.

The game’s demo in

Moreover, the first time that the coming of “God of War 4” was announced was at PlayStation Experience in December 2014. The Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog confirmed the news during the “God of War” retrospective that time.

In 2016, there was a leak suggesting that the new version of “GoW” would be based on Norse mythology. However, things were officially unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 with a 10-minute demo. This showed the more matured Kratos teaching his demigod son about the warriors' ways. Aside from that, the presentation also hinted some intriguing secrets about the game.

Kratos’ return

Meanwhile, in an interview with US Gamer, Cory Barlog talked about the new direction “God of War 4” is taking. The creative director compared Kratos to the Hulk and even teased that he would be much more like Bruce Banner in the coming game. He also revealed that the character of the Ghost of Sparta will be voiced by a new actor.

The game’s developers, too, eye to set the game in Egypt.

The new version of the title would also not have a multiplayer mode. And this won’t be the last time that fans will enjoy Kratos’ adventure. Carly Barlog confirmed that the fourth installment of the game is very much the lead character’s story. He, too, is the way that the new mythologies have been presented. “There are a lot of characters I want to introduce in this one and potentially future ones that we could expand on,” he said.