Hideo Kojima, a Japanese video game designer, is the mastermind behind the “Metal Gear” game series. Kojima also opened up about his interests in making movies and whether he will be making one in the future. Kojima also revealed that there is a "Metal Gear Solid" film that he is working on at the moment.

Hideo Kojima compares 'Metal Gear' to 'Logan'

According to the Glixel Website that carries reviews, news, videos, and interviews from the creators of Rolling Stones, Hideo Kojima compared both "Snake" and "Logan" having their place in the world taken away from them because "Logan" is a mutant.

In the movie, mutants are in the age of extinction and Logan has no place left, just like his protagonist "Snake," living in a world in which he does not have any control.

Aside from creating games, Hideo Kojima is also a noted movie critic. Just recently, he wrote his take on the movie “The Ghost In The Shell.” This month he could not stop himself from noticing the mutant universe of "Logan" because of its resemblance to the game he created which he loves the most. And because of that love, he finds it hard to end the entire game saga. Instead, he might borrow "Logan’s" formula of creating an entire universe and proceed with a new story.

Hideo Kojima on making a movie

As per Kojima, all movies have their own story, which makes every film unique.

Being friends with Hollywood directors like Guillermo del Toro, Nicolas Winding-Refn, and Kyle Cooper could make one assume that Kojima might venture into movies. But in a recent interview at the Tribeca Games Festival, Kojima said that it’s not happening anytime soon. He admits that he loves movies too much, and because of that he might never finish one.

He will just keep finding something to correct that will delay production.

Kojima states that he loves watching movies. However, he reveals that he is not yet ready to make a film of his own. Kojima even revealed that he has a lot of ideas going on in his mind as of now, but movies are not part of it.

Hideo Kojima is also excited about his game "Metal Gear" which has an adaptation for the silver screen in the works.

"Kong: Skull Island" director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is slated to direct it. Aside from that, "Death Stranding" is also coming along, which will include actor Norman Reedus.

As of this writing, Hideo Kojima is yet to reveal the release date of the "Metal Gear" movie.

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