Concerts based on famous video game franchises are continually gaining ground outside of Asia, and are slowly generating interest from Western markets. Concerts such as "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses" and "Video Games Live" have already generated a huge following in the United States and in Europe. Now, reports have revealed that a concert based on the highly popular "Metal Gear" franchise may be heading to North America and Europe this year as well.

Concert premiere

The orchestra event, called "Metal Gear in Concert," is already scheduled to take place in Japan on two separate occasions.

The concert itself will be bringing to life the music from the different titles in Konami's popular stealth action adventure series. The first concert will be held at the Orix Theater in Osaka on July 30. This will then be followed by a second performance at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo on Aug. 2. Tickets are priced at just 9,500 yen (or $86).

Bringing the game's music to life

Similar to other video game concerts, images from the game (along with custom artwork) will be shown on a large video screen. The combination of the images, videos, and the live performance is all aimed at bringing the experience to life and generating a sense of nostalgia for those who have played the series' games.

The conductor for the orchestra will be Nicholas Buc, who will also be joined by Australian singer and voice actress Donna Burke. Famous songs from the series, such as “Sins of the Father” from "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" and “Heavens Divide” from "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" will be performed.

Going to the west

According to the concert's organizers, they are already laying the groundwork for the show's World Tour. The tour will be bringing "Metal Gear in Concert" to different parts of North America and Europe. Unfortunately, no dates or schedules have been revealed just yet, but the world tour is expected to kick off sometime within the year.

Aside from the "Metal Gear" concert, the "Kingdom Hearts Orchestra" world tour in already scheduled to have five separate concerts in the United States within the month of June. The concerts will be held at different venues in Los Angeles, California and in New York City, New York. The concert itself will feature exclusive appearances from the franchise's various voice actors, as well as exclusive story sequences to accompany the different musical numbers.