It has been seven years since Rockstar Games dropped the first “Red Dead Redemption” that has been loved by the game enthusiasts. Now, as the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo happened again, fans are now wondering when “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be revealed.

The video game company last delivered a game in 2013 with “Grand Theft Auto 5,” thus the second installment of the western action-adventure video game will be its first release after four years. It is now up in the hands of “RDR 2” whether the game developer still offers the same gameplay like its previous title or took a different path.

‘RDR 2’ might be influenced by ‘GTA 5,’ ‘GTA Online'

The gap between the release of “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Grand Theft Auto 5” is the longest in Rockstar Games’ history.

According to RDR2, it might be the sign of the company’s changing waters. It has been said that the change already took place in “GTA 5,” and the result will be seen in the coming of “RDR 2.” The game’s focus has now changed into multiplayer mode from the single player experience. This might be because of “GTA Online” success that the game developer is eyeing to evolve their other games just like this.

There are also reports that “GTA 5” might have influenced “RDR2,” as its main beats are just pretty the same. The publication also added that it saw Rockstar Games’ new set pattern where it is more interested in developing multiplayer mode, eradicating new single player content.

It has been known that the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise started as a single player game, but its newest title “Grand Theft Auto Online” has ditched the tradition, causing great profit. Hence, fans are now worried that Rockstar Games will apply this method to “RDR 2” for more monetary success.

‘RDR 2’ might have multiplayer mode

Moreover, the success of “Grand Theft Auto Online” came as a surprise. In fact, Rockstar Games even announced the coming of its single player DLC to entice the players.

However, the extraordinary fame the game has received seems to change the video game company’s plans. It even gave more budget to the title’s DLC, killing fans’ hope of new single player content.

Hence, there is a big possibility that the game developer will develop “RDR 2” with multiplayer content.

The game’s release

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games recently confirmed that the release of “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be moved from Holiday 2017 to spring 2018.

According to Daily Express, this move has been made to guarantee that the game can deliver its promise to give the “best experience possible” to its fans. A post on its official website wrote that the delay was made because the title has to adapt to the new generation of consoles’ hardware.