The highly anticipated “Gta 5” update called "Gunrunning" is finally here. It is currently available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fortunately for the fans of the hit crime-themed game, developer Rockstar Games has detailed the ways to achieving success in the update.

The Express reported that the “GTA 5” update revolves around illegal arms and how these are manufactured and/or distributed. Players are asked to fortify their respective bunkers to strengthen their core. This is actually an important task to deliver, as they want to ensure a win when battling rival gangs.

How to succeed in 'Gunrunning' update

Purchasing the Mobile Operations Centers and weaponised vehicles are just part of the steps players need to undergo to be successful. Obviously, these are not that easy to accomplish. Worry not, though, as Rockstar itself has provided ways to get started and finish successfully in the current update.

In order to thrive as a solid arms dealer in “GTA 5,” the studio iterated that it is more than just using street smarts. Players will have to go beyond their limits and understand how "Gunrunning" works in its entirety. For instance, they have to choose their support vehicles and not just go with the ones that look good aesthetically. These include the armaments, so they can ensure a win against the rival dealers and, more importantly, the feds.

Earn more profit for more upgrades

In "Gunrunning," “GTA 5” players must do their best to find ways to earn more profits. This can be done by way of moving weapons to eager purchasers in either Blaine County or Los Santos. Once they are able to acquire a steady profit, they are free to do other things. These may include the likes of upgrading weapons, modifying vehicles for war and, above all, using only the latest technology in the game.

To jumpstart a career, Rockstar advises “GTA 5” players make things right with their bunkers. A bunker is basically a huge underground hub in which their criminal career will flourish. This should be followed by investments made in Mobile Operations Centers, something that they can store on their bunkers. These centers allow modular construction to achieve tailored combinations of various workshops.

These include, but are not limited to, weapons workshop, vehicle workshop and luxury living quarters. They can then move forward by upgrading their vehicles with added weaponry. Players are going to use vehicles when delivering cargo so it is best to have them modified accordingly.