For gamers and video games enthusiasts, the Sony E3 2017 is one of the biggest events to get the latest updates on existing and upcoming games. One of the highly-anticipated games on the roster included Naughty Dog's "The Last Of Us 2," but much to the fans' dismay, there were no signs of the upcoming game at the event. Aside from its attendees, the gaming event was also live streamed in LA, bringing together more fans that converged digitally. It was a big day for new games to be launched but "TLOU 2" was not one of them. What could be the reason behind Naughty Dog's decision to skip Sony's gaming event?

According to Express UK, the creative director and writer of "The Last Of Us 2," Neil Druckmann, took to Twitter to explain the game's absence at the well-attended conference. It appears that "TLOU 2" team skipped the event to avoid taking the spotlight from something else.

The big reveal

As mentioned earlier, Sony E3 2017 was a venue for new game launches and big reveals, and one of them was that of Chloe and Nadine, who are the flag carriers of the newest "Uncharted" standalone game. Further, "Uncharted: The Long Lost Legacy" is also one of the biggest projects of Naughty Dog alongside "The Last Of Us 2," so it is highly understandable that they give each game a chance to in the spotlight respectively.

The statement from Neil Druckmann makes so much sense as Chloe Frazer's launch during the Sony E3 2017 was considered to be one of the main highlights of the event, boosting the hype for the upcoming "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy." Aside from the "Uncharted" standalone game, "God Of War" and "Spiderman" also took a share in the spotlight.

Joel and Ellie will have their own time to shine

Since the protagonists of "The Last Of Us 2," Joel and Ellie, were not around during the Sony E3 2017, many fans began to wonder as to when they will be officially launched. Looking at the release timeline of Naughty Dog, "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" is all set to be released on August 22, 2017.

That said, "The Last Of Us 2" can either be launched during PSX or Gamescom. In the upcoming game sequel, Joel and Ellie will still be the main characters navigating through the game.

Naughty Dog initially revealed "The Last Of Us 2" last December 2016, during the PlayStation Experience event. However, after the unveiling, few details were revealed by the game developer, most probably because it wanted the fans to give their full attention to its counterpart, the "Uncharted" standalone game.