"GTA" fans, rejoice! "Gta Online" Gunrunning update's release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has been revealed in the form of a new trailer from the game developer.

Gunrunning Update detailed

The online version of "Gta 5" is slated to receive the long-awaited update on Tuesday, June 13. This shows Rockstar Games is in no mood to deviate from its usual schedule for rolling out new DLCs (downloadable content). Rockstar Games officially announced the looming advent of the manufacturer and distributor of smuggled weaponry via a blog post on its official website.

The impending updates enable fans to gear up a subterranean bunker, annihilate their adversaries in a Mobile Operations Center, create chaos in a new squad of Weaponized Vehicles and strike it rich in the SA arms trade, the post from Rockstar Games explained. The studio has been teasing the "GTA 5 Online" Gunrunning update for some time now, with fans having an idea about the various levels of content in the offing.

'GTA Online' upcoming updates gets a new trailer

In order to unlock new personal gear, fans will need to invest in a special bunker, according to the recently rolled out trailer. Apparently, this will be where the players can carry out research to learn how can they unlock the said gear and manufacture weapons that they can later exchange for money.

The Special Bunker is equipped with a gun range and storage space for an array of jaw-dropping vehicles. Moreover, arms marketers can procure a MOC (Mobile Operations Center), which can be stored in a player's Bunker.

Thanks to its adaptive construction, this drivable command center enables customized combo of weapons workshop, vehicle workshop, luxury living quarters, and command center complete with resources for enhancing and tweaking your storehouse of weapons and customizing Weaponized Vehicles.

Weaponized Vehicles are a brand new section that players can not only stock but also customize. Moreover, they can construct a fleet that encompasses every eventuality: from the utmost advantage of the fully amphibious APC to a movable anti-aircraft trailer. Aside from that, Weaponized Vehicles can also be used as company assets helping in sending cargo to each and every storehouse.

No prizes for guessing, none of the aforementioned upgraded vehicles and weapons will be low-priced. That being said, more pieces of information about prices from data miners are likely to surface online sooner rather than later.

While the June 13 launch imply Rockstar will announce the upgrade during E3 2017, there is unlikely to be much contest from the company’s equally anticipated western action-adventure video game dubbed, "Red Dead Redemption 2." Besides, Take-Two have already cautioned fans that they will not be divulging a lot of details, apart from showing their assortment of regular sports titles at the LA expo.