At long last, the highly anticipated "Gunrunning" update for “Gta 5” has received an official release date. As expected, it is coming with plenty of exciting and interesting things, all specifically developed to stir the interest of the community. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Developer Rockstar Games finally confirmed the release of the aforementioned “GTA 5” update via a trailer (embedded below). It is set to arrive to on Tuesday, June 13, and is expected to be introduced on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. All rumors and/or talks about this content are now ceased.

What the next “GTA 5” update is all about

In its most organic form, the "Gunrunning" update will see the “manufacture and distribution” of all illegal arms from the southern part of San Andreas. The studio announced, via a press release, that this will give players a subterranean bunker and an option to decimate enemies using the Mobile Operations Center. In addition, there will be a new set of specialized vehicles, all equipped with the latest technology in weaponry.

Rockstar released a “GTA 5” trailer to give the community a ballpark idea of what the upcoming update is. It is worth noting that there will be new missions, with each designed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, the video game company iterated that through the bunker, players will have a new avenue for all of their in-game criminal activities.

Mobile Operations Center explained

The Mobile Operations Center, better known as MOC, in “GTA 5” is a formidable support, which is frequently utilized by trained assassins and/or rogue nuclear states. It is also storable in bunkers, with players being allowed to tailor all sorts of combinations (these refer to vehicle and weapon workshops, command center and luxury living quarters, to name a few).

Furthermore, there will be target practice and gun range areas, all deemed as great additions to the Hatches purchase. Hatches, in particular, are new bases of operations heavily spread on all of Blaine County.

Moreover, the MOC offers players the right amount of facilities for use in upgrades and customizations. It is also meant to help them modify their weaponized vehicles (turrets, for instance) for a much better offense and defense. This is definitely the most interesting feature in the forthcoming update, and there is no doubt players will look forward to it.