Supercell is all set to roll out the new upgrade for "clash of clans," the game developing company has continued to surprise all "Clash of Clans" fans by releasing frequent updates. The most interesting part is that the new changes are said to arrive with better improvements and added features.

It was not long that Supercell released an update for the game by bringing in bug fixes and Builder Halls. This time "Clash of Clans" is going to have some new options, which are more likely to make the game very interesting and more engaging.

Night Witch and Roaster

There are two additional units apart from the Builder Hall that will arrive with the latest update. The is said to be a new Night Witch, which is the nocturnal sibling of the Witch. Once gamers upgrade their Builder Barracks to level 8, they will be able to unlock the Night Witch. Both the Witches might appear to be similar, but they have their differences.

The Night Witch will produce bats for the attack and can hit both air and ground units. While receiving mortal damage, the new Night Witch will turn into a flock of bats which will then continue to attack its opponents before dying. The Witch is believed to be one powerful unit that brings destruction to enemies.

On the other hand, the Roaster is one unit that will be arriving at the latest "Clash of Clans update." The Roaster will be a building that splutters flames and is used to fight off the Night Witch.

According to the iTech Post, players will be able to use the Roaster to spread scalding plasma on their attacking enemies. It also has the potential to deliver 16 damage points and burst shots of flames successfully.

Builder Hall level 6 changes

It appears that the Builder Hall level 6 might be affected by the update. The raiding strategy and secondary building area that gamers use could be affected.

However, there will also be a number of additions that includes a new Crusher and Archer Tower, along with a Mine and Mega Mine. With this update, players will now have two Crushers and two Archer Towers. They will also be able to build four extra walls and upgrade their defenses to level 6 excepting the spring trap.

Supercell has brought progress to the game rapidly by releasing a "Clash of Clans" update almost every other month.

"Clash of Clans" received an update just last month, and the latest update is said to arrive somewhere in the month of July. Most of the players are happy that the game has got more interesting with all the exciting updates.