clash of clans” has changed the world of mobile gaming, and it still continues to woo fans with each update. Apparently, the developers of the game, named Supercell, is working on another title. Judging by the way it looks, this one here is definitely going to be a huge success.

Just recently, the “Clash of Clans” developer revealed their newest game called “Brawl Stars.” In is most organic form, it is a mobile game equipped with a multiplayer combat system. Here, players will get to fight with each other in a wide array of game modes. Their aim is to collect a great quantity of crystals (a leap from the usual “gems”) while taking out several opponents.

What this new game offers and what it is all about

Supercell iterated that the aforementioned game is all about being a top-down, multiplayer-based hero shooter. The only difference from the standard genre? Well, it is on a standard level. Think of it as a loose version of any MOBA video game nowadays. This goes without saying that it will exist on mobile phones only, both on Android and iOS.

The brand new game of the “Clash of Clans” developers can be likened to “DOTA” and “League of Legends.” Apparently, it is built specifically for mobile devices. Perhaps, one can see the same idea with “Mobile Legends” and other titles of the same genre. There are players who suggest that, in one way or another, it has taken inspiration from the titular “Bomberman” series.

Either that, it is expected to bomb the mobile game market, allowing the studio to be on the top once again.

It started with “Clash of Clans”

It holds true that Supercell got its name printed on the global market following the release of “COC.” Since it was launched, the studio’s sales increased exponentially. There were thousands, if not millions, of players currently enjoying this mobile game on Android and iOS.

Interestingly, the company has never veered away from the same concept. This was best exemplified by “Clash Royale,” yet another title from the studio.

It appears that the company wants to create games with a chunk of “Clash of Clans” on it. With “Brawl Stars,” the studio expects to dominate the mobile game industry, as the likes of “Pokemon GO” has captured it with ease.

Whether or not this become true, it cannot be denied that the developers have earned so much respect in the world of gaming. Hence any new project from the studio instantly becomes a highly anticipated one.