clash of clans” has been out for quite some time already, and yet, it still continues to school the competition. As a matter of fact, it just acquired another milestone on Apple’s iOS. Regardless, it cannot be denied that Supercell needs to do a lot of work in providing improvements and fixing issues.

The hit mobile game “Clash of Clans” was first released back in August of 2012. From there, everything went like magic, as the title proved to be a massive success in the mobile game industry. Five years since then, it still sits on the throne as the top iOS strategy game (MMO).

This game just seems to be irreplaceable.

Still needs significant improvements and changes

Fortunately, Supercell is not keen on stopping any work related to the further improvement of the aforementioned. Besides, doing otherwise will only hurt them, considering that the title is their main cash cow. To prove their support towards the game, the studio has recently unleashed an update. It is even deemed as the biggest once since the title’s launch five years ago. It is called “Builder Base,” and has shown a completely different world to the community.

The new “Clash of Clans” update is where players get to build new towns and whatnots. These allow them to prepare, as they strategize for future attacks on other players.

But of course, the recently released update is not just about that. It also brings the first night-time theme to the game. Believe it or not, this is something that the fandom has always hoped to see from Supercell.

Fix bugs, introduce new features and whatnots

Despite the relative success of “Clash of Clans,” the game is still far from perfection.

It is still packed with tons of flaws that the studio needs to address. Think about those optional updates that they have to release from time to time. Apparently, these updates were meant to fix various bugs and exploits. This line of problems even grows bigger the moment a new update is introduced.

Last time, when another “Clash of Clans” update was brought, it came with a fix to resolve the Wall issue that players have been complaining about.

Basically, the walls tend to throw themselves back to the inventory despite the players saving the layout in the edit mode of the game. While it was confirmed fixed thanks to the new update, a new set of bugs have once again surfaced. Well, nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that this mobile game is still as exciting as it was first released.