The Steam special sale is up and running right now and it is the perfect chance for players to grab their favorite games. Some of these games are slashed off from their Original Price, so it is the perfect chance for gamers who want to save money. Rather, it is ironic because instead of saving money, players seem to be spending more than what they could save. The developers, publishers, and creators of the games that are featured on the special sale are promoting their games through Twitter and other social media outlets. Of course, these include all sorts of games and indie games.

The sale is running from June 22 to July 5.

Some of these games include "Witcher III," "Grand Theft Auto V," "Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor," and more. Here is the list of 10 suggested games that players can buy while the sale is ongoing:

  • "Stardew Valley" is slashed 40 percent off.
  • "Starbound" is slashed 33 percent off.
  • "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" is slashed 80 percent off.
  • "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is slashed 40 percent off its original price, including its downloadable contents that such as "Blood & Wine" and "Hearts of Stone" that are slashed 50 percent off.
  • "Grand Theft Auto V" is slashed 50 percent off.
  • "NieR: Automata" is slashed 30 percent off, a perfect chance for fans to buy and experience the immersive story of this popular game by Yoko Taro and published by Square Enix.
  • "Prey" is slashed 34 percent off.
  • "Doom" is slashed 50 percent off.
  • "Fallout 4" is slashed 50 percent off.
  • "Sniper Elite 4" is slashed off 50 percent off.

There are also other games that are in line such as the famous Falcom games.

One Twitter user named Ribose posted a lineup of these games:

The discounts are mouth-watering but can users' wallets hold up to the massive lineup of these games?

Moving on, one interesting question from Twitter user Dan 'Ryo' Robert says, "@steam_games sale is almost here, but remember.. If you bought it on sale, but never played it, was it ever a good deal? #gamersunite"

While others ask help from friends and other connections to either save up or spend.

A Twitter user named Trudi asks, "Should I spend some of my money for my PC on games during Steam's summer sale, or keep saving?"

The choice always depends on the Steam users. Since the Steam games sale is in full swing, it is the perfect chance to grab one game or two. Gaben (Gabe Logan Newell) lurks behind corners to snatch your wallets away. Much like in this Twitter post from Max Of Few Trades that says, "Steam. I have no money, please stop putting games I want on sale, it's rude and I don't care for it."