Fans of the phenomenal game, The Sims 4 will be happy as the latest update in the game allows them to choose what they want to do with their characters. What is the latest update about?

Since the release of "The Sims 4" way back in 2014, the game developers called, Electronic Arts and Maxis have already pushed efforts in delivering the updated content and interactivity for the gamers of "The Sims 4" worldwide.

The efforts of the developers are just not within the companies itself, but they also made sure that the fans get to have a say in it.

In line with these suggestions, the developers listened to their users and thus, Game Packs have been added, on top of Stuff Packs that have been around since "The Sims 3."

Eco living stuff pack added in the game

As per the latest reports, the new Eco Living Stuff Pack is the most pricey stuff pack so far Sims has created costing around ten dollars. It was customized using the voting system by the gamers. Initially, Electronic Arts and Maxis made fans chose between two art styles and style b came out as the winner.

Aside from that, fans also collaborated with the company in choosing the clothing style and furniture included in the stuff pack. The final outcome resulted in being a forty-two item stuff pack that is tailored fit for minimalist players, who like boho country style clothing and likes to build sun or mud rooms.

This voting program opened on May 18 and ended on May 21 -- it rocketed the effort of Sims in making sure that collaboration with their fan is their main priority. So that means in the future fans will always have a part of what kind of features and stuff they would like to see as part of the gameplay. They will do this voting system again in June and in the fall.

The addition of the parenthood game pack

Continuing its tradition of bringing smaller and affordable games which still evolve in the central theme of the game, the Sims is bringing a new game pack named Parenthood. As per its first trailer, players will have to act as a parent to their virtual kids. The challenge here is it has no difference in real life parenting like guiding a problematic teenager or even nursing a child into reaching adulthood.

So, when do we get our hands on these game packs? While The Sims Mobile is still in the bubble, Eco Living Stuff Pack is slated to be released next year and The Sims 4: Parenthood Game Pack will be this coming May 30th.

As of this writing, fans are expecting to play the new The Sims 4 together with its latest update.