The "Sims 4" has had its share of bugs and the task of patching them up is daunting. But if there is one bug that needs to be addressed, it has to do with the unusual scenario of kids flirting with adults.

It is an apparent bug that most have overlooked seeing how past installments of “The Sims have allowed characters to flirt with anyone despite being hitched. But the unusual nature right now is seeing infants getting into it, something tied up to a child inheriting the emotional traits of a nearby Sim.

Goodbye baby flirting

The whole issue is tied up with the Parenthood pack for "The Sims 4." Aside from addressing the unusual scene, it also does away with flirty messages sent to adults by kids.

While that could be up for debate if compared to the real world, game developers found it fit to address the matter since there are kids who play the game.

There are plenty more to mention in the patch such as the ability to change skin tones. A lot of this happens when adults pick up a child, meaning they can mold a kid but not his race. It makes sense when one thinks of adoption since that is the usual course taken in real life. Thus, all adult Sims can do right now is mold the child's values - a standard which most actually do in real life situations.

No more marital cheating?

Other changes include keeping marriages safe. The whole flirting has been put under control. In past installments of “The Sims” series, a Simmer could flirt and end up marrying more than once.

Worse, all could live under the same roof, making male or female seems to look like gigolos.

All that can no longer happen at least for “The Sims 4.” Aside from that, a Love Guru from the Roman Festival will get his or her share of changes. Once married into a household, they will lose their immortal stature.

As one can see, EA has been trying to correct things which may or may not be flawed if compared to actual life.

Being a game, these are sensible tweaks where some could get ideas in a light kind of way.

The patches are welcome and some do approve while others do not. The fact is there is more to the game than plain fun. There are lessons being taught (inadvertently) by the life-simulation game so straightening things makes plenty of sense.

Aside from these, there are plenty of more fixes needed. EA continues to work on that with the main game and the add-ons. More are expected but at least this unusual image of an infant trying to hit off on an elder Simmer has been covered.