Just recently, a massive update was rolled out for the game that contains impressive contents and features. The game developer has indeed kept their promise of giving players an outstanding gaming experience. Recently, Studio Wildcard, following the Ascension update, is gearing to release "Ark: Survival Evolved" v258. It appears that the game studio would like to keep fans happy and engaged given the amount of dedication they are giving to the game as evidenced by a series of updates they are releasing.

Release date

"Ark: Survival Evolved" v258 will be available starting May 30.

PC users will have the advantage of receiving the update first. For those who are not adamant that there would be delays like the Ascension update, this one is just minor and not as massive as its predecessor and the game studio assures that it will come right on schedule.

What will the update bring?

The next update will underline the Harpoon Gun. Right now, details about this weapon are still limited and Studio Wildcard has not yet revealed the details. However, it appears that this weapon would most likely be usable even underwater. The Harpoon Gun can then be used while the player is on land or chasing after creatures in the water.

There will also be a new structure that will be introduced in v258 of "Ark: Survival Evolved." However, this fresh structure is a bizarre one with a unique name and purpose.

Interactive Toilet will be featured, which will focus on one of the essential resources of the game, yes, the poop. All players know that, although it's funny and weird, poop is substantial to every success in playing the game. For one, it can be used to train creatures at a faster rate than compared to the raw meat, given that players perform the proper procedure.

This latest structure will aid players who utilize the poop in the game to perform several activities.

Aside from the new gun, "Ark: Survival Evolved" v258 will feature fresh characters like before. With this update, fans can expect creatures like Megatherium, Megalania, Hyaenodon, Hesperonis, and Yutyrannus to make their debut in the game.

In addition, a new sea vehicle will be introduced. Players can access the Speedy Motorboat run by gas as soon as they download and update the game. True to its name, this sea vessel will be one of the fastest vehicles to travel on water.

The next update will also infuse a couple of new hairstyles as well as fresh Explorer's notes, and tweaks among others. These are only some of the things that players will see and experience in the next update. We will try to get more official information to keep you updated about your favorite game "Ark: Survival Evolved."