It took a decade for “Final Fantasy XV” to arrive, and fans met the popular RPG with utmost eagerness, even more so that there’s a DLC to look forward to. Square Enix has had its way many times to offer fans what’s most coveted, and apparently, there’s still a lot on its plate waiting to be devoured.

Earlier this week, a report by Dual Shockers had fans curious and pumped at the same time, indicating what might be a continuation of the hit franchise that’s to be called, of course, “Final Fantasy Xvi.” The speculation arose after a job advert was spotted on the Japanese recruitment site, ECareerFA.

Square Enix might be cooking up something

The job ad calls for a 2D artist meant to work on a “super famous RPG series,” and will be filling in concepts of map icons, dungeons, fields, and towns. The post comes from an anonymous company, but many were quick to point a finger on Square Enix, as it had been described as makers of “high-quality RPGs” and “a large number of million-seller.”

It’s vague, but it does make a lot of sense should we ride in on the rumor mill. Additional details behind the company in question are similar to Square Enix’s business ventures, including a licensing industry and a manga publishing property. What’s more, the anonymous recruiter is reportedly located in Tokyo, not far from the Higashi-Shinjuku station, where the keenest knows the location of the publisher’s building.

Considering “Final Fantasy XV” was just released late last year, it’s safe to at this point that we are years away (probably a decade) from “Final Fantasy XVI.” The excitement is there, for sure, but Square Enix hasn’t commented on the matter yet and did not confirm if they are indeed in search of a 2D artist or a team to work on the continuation.

But, Agni?

The idea of Agni appearing on future “Final Fantasy” games first came to light when a tech demo was released in 2012. She was first rumored to be included in “Final Fantasy XV,” and now she’s wanted for “Final Fantasy XVI.”

Looking further into the possibilities of her appearance is frustrating, as technically, nothing’s been heard from Square Enix.

All she has right now are fan requests and predictions, seemingly stemming from the tech demo that showed off her full potential, especially with her sacred dragon.

A female protagonist could be a good change of pace for the game seeing as FF15 had an all-male cast. Maybe the 2012 tech demo “Agni’s Philosophy” has been secret fleshed out into a full title over the past four and a half years. Perhaps now that FF15 has made its way into the world, Square Enix is ready to announce FF16.